Kiosque D'orphee: Une Epopee De L'autoproduction En France - 1973/1991


The French equivalent of the English "Derby Service," the Kiosque d'Orphée, formerly at 7 Rue Grégoire de Tours in the 6th arrondissement, was taken over by Georges Batard in 1967 and moved to 20 Rue des Tournelles in the 4th arrondissement of Paris. The adventure lasted until 1991. Georges Batard was a sound engineer who used a Neumann tube engraver to engrave acetates from the tapes he received, before printing the precious vinyls in the press factories of the day, where he was able to produce very small runs of between 50 and 500 copies. Le Kiosque d'Orphée was neither a label nor a publisher, but a structure that allowed you to press your own vinyl, at a time when it was quite an adventure to get your first 45 rpm or 33 rpm album released! When you finally had your own record, you could give it away or sell it to friends, family or after concerts. You could also drop it off at the nearest record shop, with undisguised pride. It was also a calling card that could be sent to radio stations or music labels, in the hope of launching a career. At the time, the advertisements published in the press by the Kiosque d'Orphée opened up the field of possibilities for provincial composers. It was now possible to make their own record, without having to go through the process of signing with a label. This album is the conclusion of a long investigation, begun six years ago. It took a long time to find the records, scattered all over the place, in the homes of collectors and sometimes the musicians themselves, and then to listen to them, sometimes painstakingly, to unearth these moments of grace. From this work, 23 tracks remain, but there are dozens of others that could have been included, so Born Bad had to choose, and the choice had to be as universal as possible. Featuring Mar Vista, Kënnlisch, Crystal Eyes, Walrus, Gérard Alfonsi, Geoffroy, Amphyrite, Eole, Capucine, Rictus, Inscir Transit Express, Polaris, Joël Boutolleau, Spotch Forcey, Demon & Wizard, Temple Sun, Chantal Weber, Jean Claude Zemour, Rhodes & Co, Guidon, Edmond et Clafoutis, Dominique A, Didier Bocquet, and Alain Meunier.