Shouts 2021 Volume 1

RS 044EP RS 044EP

Bradley Zero's Rhythm Section International imprint curate the second instalment of Shouts, a 12-track compilation with a diverse selection of artists whose music spans spoken word, DIY funk, house, techno, trap, indie, RnB and the many sub genres in between. Shouts 2021 highlights the dynamic journey and sound of the Rhythm Section International imprint, this time focusing on a global selection of completely new artists. An opportunity to shout about the next generation of musical talent from across the UK, Ireland, US, Middle East, Australia, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. Released over two separate LPs as Volume 1 and Volume 2 (RS 045EP).

"Shouts 2021 celebrates the future sounds of Rhythm Section International and explores our intention to diversify what the label is moving forward. The direction and scope of the label has definitely widened. You reach a turning point when you want to explore other sounds that you're interested in and the beauty of being an independent label has allowed us to do that. The Shouts series gives us an opportunity to release so many genres that we enjoy in one hit, and that has fed into our overall growth." --Bradley Zero

Shouts 2021 boasts an incredible selection of a once in a generation type of burgeoning talent. Disco sleeve with artwork designed by producer and graphic artist extraordinaire Big Ever FKA Cop Envy. For fans of: Desert Sound Colony, Four Tet, Violet, Shanti Celeste, Pangea, Yu Su, D Tiffany, Bruce, Chaos In The CBD. Volume 1 features Liluzu, Mafou, Nídia, Yushh, Dylan Bryne, and Klein Zage.