Snow Robots Volume 2

SUCT 011 SUCT 011

"Hello. Snow Robots Volume 2 is a retrospective compilation CD from Canada's premiere source of robot music, Suction Records. This CD compiles Suction's out-of-print vinyl releases from 1999 in their entirety, and also features several new and exclusive goodies. Suction Records' 3 vinyl-only releases from 1999 chronicle Suction's development from lo-fi electro mayhem to the melodic analog electro-pop sound that is now synonymous with Suction. This development was a reaction to changes in the bedroom-electronics scene, which was rapidly being overcrowded by computer geeks who treated music like code -- clicking their mouses furiously while already imagining the e-newsgroup fame that lay ahead. The Suction robots had had enough with all of this 'digital irony'; things just weren't sounding fresh anymore. And so, past masters were pulled from the record crates and re-evaluated with new ears; Depeche Mode, Roedelius, and OMD sounded warmer, and more vital than ever before, and this made a great impression. On Snow Robots Volume 2, you will still hear Suction's affinity for lo-fi weirdness, but you will also discover a noticeable refinement in these crucial robot-composer skills: melody, composition and synthesis. In 1999, Suction Records scoured the globe for robot-composers whose music demonstrated an affinity for these musical ideals -- and found some: D'Arcangelo, from Rome, who have recorded for Rephlex, Nature and too many others too mention; Pluxus, naive electronic pop from Sweden; Tinfoil Teakettle, who were easy to find as they are in fact a Solvent & Lowfish collaboration; and Manchester's Brioche Kretzaal, a collaborator with UK labels Skam & V/vm. The same traits were sought from our team of wonderful remixers: The UK's soothing electronica maestros isan (Darla, Static Caravan, Morr Music...); Rome's videogame-pop duo Mat-101; former Le Car member and current Detroit electro-pop subversive Perspects; and Suction's newest full-time robot, Berlin's skanfrom, who's debut full-length CD will be released on suction in 2001."