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Two Tribes Volume Two

AR 145CD AR 145CD

Not long after the release of Two Tribes Vol. 1 (AR 113CD/LP), Agogo Records realized that the journey had only just begun and lots of stories still had to be told. Motivated by lots of positive responses, the label soon put to work researching and compiling music for what would become Two Tribes Volume Two. Agogo Records put emphasis on expanding to other European regions as well as including different countries than on Vol. 1 and the label also wanted to give it a bit of a different musical twist. The result are 14 tracks covering what the label considers a broad and diverse spectrum but still clinging to our initial idea of building a musical bridge between the continents of Africa and Europe. The immense cultural diversity of both is represented by newcomers alongside more well-known names, both of which have a strong connection to the rich musical traditions of Africa. On board are African artists living in diaspora on equal footing with Europeans that incorporate their high affinity to the African continent into their music. Exciting outer-national collaborations round off the selection for Volume Two. Features tracks by Onipa (Strut Records), Karthala 72, David Nesselhauf (Kryptox Records), Wanubalé vs. Dr. Markuse, Lua Preta, Isilda Viegas, Alai K, Isaac and Octa Push, Guts, Jowee Omicil, The Kutimangoes, Dowdelin, Afrodyssey Orchestra, Rabii Harnoune & V.B. Kühl, Alma Negra, Andi Otto, and Kaleo Sansaa.