3x12" version. Gatefold; includes paper insert. Catharsis is Sven Väth's first solo album in almost 20 years, and the 50th album to be released on his incomparable label, Cocoon Recordings. Produced alongside Gregor Tresher, it is a musical autobiography that charts Sven's most extraordinary life in techno. Tresher has long been part of the Cocoon family and is a revered artist in his own right. Catharsis is a record inspired by Sven's interest in the physical and spiritual processes that take place when we dance. "My imagination for this record was fueled by the many cultural experiences and encounters I have had in my life. They gave me the strength to find a way, the way to myself." And that way to himself is through music, through purifying dancing rituals and the exchange of spiritual energies that are generated in the club. The thirteen-track album explores all facets of Sven's sound. It opens with the stomping drums but sleek synths of "What I Used To Play" and unfolds through deep and dirty rhythms like "The Worm", subtly euphoric highs on "The Inner Voice" and the bubbly tribalism of the title track. There is the impassioned call-to-arms that is "Feiern", peak-time melodic workout "Mystic Voices" and soothing electronic lullabies like "Being In Love". The second half of the album takes in many more twists and turns, such as the exotic strings and driving drums of "Butoh", the paranoid techno minimalism of "NYX" and expansive synthscapes of ambient gem "The Cranes Of Gangtey Valley" before things play out though rugged beats and emotive chords on "We Are". Then comes the moody reflection of "Silvi's Dream", written in French for Sven's girlfriend. Last but not least, we have the immersive dream that is "Panta Rhei", which completes a trio of electronica tunes on the album. Ambient music has been an integral part of almost every album Sven has written because it can bring a certain emotional deepness, a quality that Sven has always been looking for. Catharsis is an adventurous album that captures the good times, the sad times and, most importantly, the times of hope. 3x12" vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve with paper insert.