Low Down Music

NEOS 40902CD NEOS 40902CD

"Low Down Music is a clear, uncompromisingly reduced, and independent musical language, which includes the basic elements of all possible kinds of music. Low Down Music is an idea for the illuminated, and part of a canny ability to fail -- at the end of the day, it is my music. The first title 'Bürgermusi' -- in American, 'Burgermusi' -- is dedicated to the successful German musician, composer and producer Dieter Bohlen. The second title, 'Naiv, Tief und Grausig-Schön,' is dedicated to our trombonist Mike Svoboda. Mike cooperates closely with star composers of the contemporary music scene. For him, some particularly difficult, highly complex trombone concertos have been written. The 'Low Down Trombone Concerto' is naive, bass and awful in its beauty. The third title, called 'Miss Blue,' is dedicated to an Irish landowner, in whose house my wife and I spent a beautiful and bizarre vacation. This aged, educated, and distinguished lady nourished herself almost exclusively on biscuits and whiskey. I wrote the fourth title, 'Eklat,' for a person whom I know pretty well, and whom I would like to know even better. I dedicated the piece to myself. More than that, I cannot say. The fifth title, 'Free 'n' Open', I dedicate to our bass player. American southern 'down home feeling' is mixed up with the edifying and comforting of the wind players in a Salvation Army band. The sixth title, 'Pozilei,' is an attempt to write a musical comic strip. The comic heroes, two high-ranking police chiefs, meet regularly at a secret place to fool around. A quote: 'This is the only way to carry on with such a job in the long term.' At the center of the composition there is a dramatic break. Without any preliminary warning one finds oneself as part of the reality of a television program discussing politics. Two European parliamentary delegates are arguing the toss. The topic...are we defending Germany at the Hindu Kusch. Yes or no? But, back to our comic heroes. The police officer duo carries on with badinage. A dumb job. No question. The seventh title, 'Klagelied,' is a mixture of African polymetric rhythms and a Czech polka. The dirge is written in a major key. Africans complain in major, Europeans in the minor mode! I have no idea whether this statement is correct. I shall however stick to my guns. The eighth title, 'Schneefelder,' relates to my childhood." -- Manfred Kniel