Flipper Psychout: Original Italian Library Music


...From The Vaults Of Flipper. This is the first volume of Vampisoul's dig into the historical library music catalog of Italy's Flipper Music. A brilliant blend of cinematic sound landscapes, space-age bachelor pad music (Italian style) and atmospheric, fuzzy psych-grooves. Obscure early '70s tracks from cult labels such as Canopo, Deneb, Flirt and Octopus, most reissued here for the first time. "I came across the Flipper records in a Sunday flea market in Rome amongst the usual stacks of rubbish, but if you dig down deep into this pile, you can often find long forgotten treasures. This particular flea market is held every week and you can meet all kinds of collectors from antique dealers to the private collector in search of books, furniture, various types of objects, bric-a-brac and also vinyl records. As far as I'm concerned, the pure fact I came across the record series of Canopo, Deneb, Market, Octopus, all brands that belong to Flipper Music, gave me the chance of working in the world of the international music library. I am still working in the same job today but have now become the artistic advisor of Flipper Music, so I can certainly say I found more than just a little treasure in that little flea market. These library music catalogs were all brought out around about 1969/1970, and the music they contain tries to follow the trendiest fashions of those times, also in the records of pure atmosphere. The composers' creativity played the leading role in these catalogs. The composers only had simple means with which to produce their music, so they used their imagination. In order to create a record full of suspense they often used wah-wah guitar, or the fuzz distorter, or even an extremely distorted electric bass guitar that was very common in those days. Therefore, the various composers interpreted the entire rock/psychedelic panorama of the late '60s and early '70s in this library music style, from the dance piece to the thriller. In this compilation, you'll find examples of this way of producing music with tracks from 1969 to 1975. Flipper Psychout is only a small part of what is found inside the historical catalog of Flipper Music, which means it's only the first volume of the series. I wanted a darker, more aggressive sound in this volume with real sound effects to give you an idea of the eccentricity of composers such as Sandro Brugnolini, Amedeo Tommasi, Alessandro Alessandroni, and Roberto Conrado. The first two started off as modern jazz musicians recording for Italian RCA, whereas Alessandro Alessandroni is the famous whistler in Ennio Morricone's music composed for Sergio Leone's spaghetti Westerns. Roberto Conrado was the drummer in two Italian beat groups, The Go Karts and Gli Apostoli (The Apostles), but also the arranger for the famous Italian singer Renato Zero. At this point all you have to do is close your eyes and listen to this first volume, letting your mind float through this suggestive sound adventure full of psychedelic images. Have a good trip." --Alessandro Casella