Cocoon Compilation Q


Six LP box set. Includes CD. Cocoon Recordings presents Q, the new edition of one of the longest running techno compilation series worldwide. With a broad bandwidth ranging from "futuristic-deconstructive" compositions such as "Da Dang" by Alex & Digby and "Fragile" by Carlos Nilmmns and featuring Genoveva, the many contributions to Q fancy almost anachronistic acid and trance influences. The vocal parts and the arrangement of "All I Can (About You)" by Baba Stiltz appear like electronic singer songwriting, slightly similar to Pepe Bradock productions and their Dada aesthetic. In contrast to this, "Anno Domini" by Kamran Sadeghi follows the sound approach of early Maurizio/Basic Channel records and reminds the listener that modern techno does not always have to be impulsive and kicking. Harmonies and melodies of all kinds, and the almost dreamy and playful sound arrangements are something like the common element on Q. For example, "Ode To Be" by Sebastian Mullaert works like a decent sunriser that marks the end of a long night. Harald Björk takes it a few steps further in the harmony corner. His song "Spring" is on the edge to an ambient/chill-out song and unfolds a great hypnotic effect. "Tom's Heimweh" by Acid Pauli and the demanding "Sequence In D" by Fort Romeau follow into a similar direction, however both pieces are built on slightly more solid beats despite their melodic basic mood. Metallically cool, but equally sexy and bass-heavy at the same time, US legend John Tejada's "Blitzar" throws crazy designed sounds at the listener. "Pulse Train" by Söllscher & Siech, on the other hand, follows a more traditional techno approach with a strong beat and bass foundation and cool, building acid lines. The "vapor-spacey" string sounds, reminiscent of Detroit techno, complete the tracks. Johannes Volk's "Luminance" is a bit more consistent in an almost old-school acid manner and appears to be something like the most clubby track of the album. "If I'd Care More" by Rico Puestel is something like the "all-embracing track" on Q; Puestel unites in his contribution the different approaches and lines of the other pieces and delivers the secret title track of the compilation. Dry and kicking beats, dreamy melody parts, but also hypnotic basslines and lots of crazy sounds in the arrangement. Exactly like the overall vibe of Q this one is not "futuristic" or "old school", it is simply timeless.