In The Mix: The Sound Of The 20th Season


By the '70s Ibiza had already developed into an international party destination. The fact that the third largest of the Balearic Islands is what it is today -- namely, the absolute benchmark for star DJs par excellence -- cannot be discussed without mention of Sven Väth. Even in the early '80s, more than anyone else in Germany, he stood for the idea that being a DJ could be more than just a profession, a vocation or a purpose in life: it's akin to a magician of the dancefloor, a shaman who conjures up the crowd. As a resident of Dorian Gray -- the legendary club at Frankfurt Airport that was modelled on New York's Studio 54 -- he shaped the image of the DJ like no one else in Germany at the time. Even more influential were his broadcasts on hr3 Clubnight. Without the radio shows that Väth produced there between 1990 and 2004, the seed of techno in Germany would never have been sown to such an extent. With his first club Omen, Sven wrote techno history over ten years. Soon after, the "Babba", as Väth has been lovingly and respectfully called in the scene for a long time, set new standards in international club culture with Frankfurt's CocoonClub, inspired by his Cocoon Ibiza events. Pioneer, visionary, ambassador, identification figure, DJ, label operator, club owner, and impresario; over a career spanning four decades, Väth has developed many facets of his art and yet has always remained true to himself. The fact that all over the world Berlin music temples of this kind, from Tresor to Watergate, are celebrated as the epitome of party culture, is in no small part due to Väth's influence. Like no other, Väth has given the landscape of electronic music a face -- always evolving, yet unmistakable. With In The Mix: The Sound Of The 20th Season he presents the culmination of his second decade on the "White Island," and it's impressive, how he manages to tick all the boxes. Features: New Jackson, Joseph Ashworth, Joe Metzenmacher, Dorisburg, Amberoom, Charlotte Bendiks, Stimming, Ricardo Tobar, Herzel, Erol Alkan, Rüfüs Du Sol, Zoo Brazil, Innellea, Rebuke, Patrice Bäumel, Joshua James, Josh Wink, Robert Hood, Pig & Dan, Florian Hollerith, ROD, PSYK, Daniel Avery, Inigo Kennedy, and Legowelt. In HQ lenticular print digipak.