Amplificador - Novissima Musica Brasileira: The Brazilian 10's Generation


2015 release. Over the past few decades, there has been a seismic shift in Brazil's musical landscape. A plethora of varying musical undergrounds has developed across the nation. While Rio and São Paulo have been overwhelmed with networks of talented musicians for a long time, creative life is now bursting all over the country. Amplificador exists to document and propagate the wonderfully diverse music currently blossoming from Brazil's vivacious and geographically varied musical undergrounds. This compilation draws together some of the components of "Novíssima Música Brasileira" ("brand new Brazilian music"), ranging from Afro-grooves to rock, to modern samba and MPB. The music reaches back across Brazil's incredibly rich musical and cultural traditions, while also taking in influence from other movements around the globe. Abayomy Afrobeat Orchestra from Rio formed because of their shared love of the music of Fela Kuti. But what sets Abayomy apart from other groups of a similar nature is the fact that their sound also brings with it the songs and rhythms of candomblé. Similarly, Zebrabeat Afro-Amazônia Orquestra draw upon traditional guitarradas and carimbos from the state of Pará and fuse these with the poly-rhythms of Afro-beat to create another regional hybrid, which stays true to both its Amazonian and African roots, yet which results in a very fresh, Brazilian sound. From Belo Horizonte (the capital of Minas Gerais), Iconilli are another key band on Brazil's Afro-groove scene. With influences as varied as funk, jazz and psychedelic rock, congado, mining harmonies, maracatu, coco, ijexá, carimbó, Iconilli somehow manage to balance all of these sounds in such a way that makes it impossible to pin them down. From the Northeastern city of Joao Pessao, Paraiba, Burro Morto's psychedelic Afro sound leans more towards rock and funk influences, with a hint of regional Brazilian rhythms such as frevo and forro. They add another flavor to the Brazilian afro-groove scene: just one of the many exciting facets of Novíssima Música Brasileira. CD version also features, in addition to the previously mentioned artists: Ive Seixas, Passo Torto, Luziluzia, The Baggios, Fino Coletivo, Zulumbi, André Sampaio E Os Afromandinga, Amplexos, DJ Dolores, Os Sertões, Aeromoças E Tenistas Russas, Fabrício and Motormama; Includes 16-page booklet.