Freedom Of Noise

KK 064LP KK 064LP

LP version. Static is Berlin-based musician and producer Hanno Leichtmann. Besides his work as a member of the trio Groupshow along with Jan Jelinek and Andrew Pekler, and Denseland with David Moss and Hannes Strobl, Static is his main solo project. While thinking of how to follow up his 2005 release Re: Talking About Memories (CCO 031CD/LP), Leichtmann kept busy with his many other projects. Then, during a festival for improvised music in Berlin, he struck upon the idea of working with free improvising musicians, but to deploy them in a pop context. The main collaborators for the production of Freedom Of Noise were harpist Clare Cooper, the trumpet player Axel Dörner and the saxophonist Tobias Delius. In this way, Leichtmann was able to perfectly combine Static's loop-based methodology with the additional expressive possibilities of having all those great musicians involved. So Static was able to move freely between arrangements and improvised passages. Leichtmann also brought the following players on board to enrich the compositions: Nicholas Bussmann on cello, Zoe Irvine on electronics, Magda Mayas on organ, David Moss on voice, Andrea Neumann on inside piano, Gert-Jan Prins on analog devices, Maura Rougieux on background vocals, Clayton Thomas on double bass, Kassian Troyer on table guitar and Sabine Vogel on flutes. All these musicians help to bring the vibrancy of a full live band to the album to make for a richly detailed tapestry of sound. On top of all these talented instrumentalists Leichtmann invited the vocalists Falko Teichmann from Berlin and Yanira Castro from Madrid to sing on a number of tunes, adding to the pop element of the album. The result of Static recruiting such a diverse host of other musicians is striking. Musically, the record is extremely multifaceted, ranging from moments of eclectic pop, to experimental periods of neo-folk ambient and cut-up electronica. No doubt, Leichtmann has succeeded in his goal of creating a new direction for Static. Freedom Of Noise is a refreshing and adventurous musical journey.