Schizzi di Orlando Furioso

NEOS 11306CD NEOS 11306CD

At first glance, it seems remarkable that present-day musicians allow themselves to be inspired by a literary work that seems so remote from our time as does the epic poem Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto, written from 1505 onwards. Orlando's world, in a constant state of upheaval, reveals in its multi-layered nature far more analogies to the present-day realities of life than might appear at first glance. For this reason, Ariosto's broad literary area of experience can ultimately be used as a mirror into which we may look in order to better understand the enigmatic moments of our own present-day world while having recourse to the aids of artistic reflection. The conception of the Schizzi di Orlando Furioso is to be understood as this kind of glance into the mirror: Béatrice Zawodnik (oboe, English horn), D.M. Visotzky (alto saxophone), Barry Guy (double bass), Brice Pauset (harpsichord), and Leonardo García Alarcón (organ) allow themselves to be stimulated by Ariosto's verses to create a multifarious succession of 26 short pieces for solo, duo, trio and quartet combinations. Their essential elements include the collision of varying idioms and stylistic traits resulting from the respective areas of activity of the participating musical personalities. Due to this type of action, opposing areas of musical discourse -- namely those of the New Music, jazz and the sacred realm -- enter into relationships with each other or overlap each other, resulting in a multi-layered texture at times having the effect of a labyrinth.