House Of Distraction


Featuring: Delarosa & Asora, Jake Mandell, Freeform, Push Button Objects, Takeshi Muto, Matmos, Otto von Shirach, Richard Devine, Mannequin Lung, Phoenecia, Radio Boy & Dino Felipe. "Schematic has invited some other folks to come join them on another field trip. Schematic's first compilation, Ischemic Strokes, was based around the concept of Schematic artists remixing one another. Ischemic Folks, the second compilation, was based around the artists showing their diversity and individuality -- what it was that defined them as separate folks. House of Distraction is subtitled "Different Strokes, Distant Folks". It is a continuation of the Ischemic concept. Dino Felipe is the 4-track maestro from Miami. Little earthy songs sprout from him like Hedges. Here is the drumroll that introduces the album. Delarosa & Asora (Prefuse73 on Warp/ Savath and Savalas on Hefty) takes us on a speedy bicycle ride through his Paper Rout. He pauses for a pit stop and a heavy thought catches up with him. Jake Mandell revisits Japan in the pentatonic climbs of Nihon Sanzen. Freeform's reworking of Takeshi's 'Mud Dauber' is more of an adaptation than a remix. He takes the beaty original and expands on it as Herbie Hancock might. Groove guides the instruments along until they take on the form of a giant many-headed monster. Push Button Objects adds a catchy, sentimental melody and an Adonis style bassline to Takeshi's 'Gutta Percha'. It is reminiscent of his groundbreaking Cash EP on Schematic. Freeblox finds Takeshi Muto parading through Disney World naked. Matmos infects Devine's surgical steel. It retains Devine's sonic integrity while adding a cough and some creeping soul. Otto Von Schirach's first opera is track 8.  Mr.Magnesium falls in love with an android he noisily builds from technical relics in a junkyard. Complete with a love scene in the middle. Bring oil. Jake Mandell plays with Devine's balls until he gets them in the right order. With his mathematical precision, he lines the balls up to bump and bounce until they explode. o9 can't contain himself. Listening to 'Happy Bot' is like jumping through walls from an echoing back alley to the porch of a jug band to a the cockpit of a spacecraft. Touching, clever, and deep, as always. More healing aural ointment from Jesse Legg. Key Angler provides a much needed rest in the pace of Distraction and in Devine's work in general. Although machine-like and robotic as ever, it is chilled, bubbly, and smooth as a glass of champagne. Mannequin Lung has Tea with Jeswa. Over a warm cup, they relax and soak up the glowing rays. The inventor of Plug Research puts a West Coast perspective into the mixture. Phoenecia reclaims 'Phase Inv.2' and plants a flag firmly in it's center. Pure cinematic science fiction with an ever-changing, mathematical groove. Radio Boy (a.k.a.Matthew Herbert, Dr.Rockit, Wishmountain) takes Richard Devine to the gym for a workout that is anything but rude. Of all the attempts on this album to remix Devine, it takes the least amount of influence from him. Guitars and whistles decorate the gentle groove beneath. One of 5 mixes (the others will appear on a limited 10" ), this is the most whimsical and different of all the songs. Richard Devine's Fovec Frame is a shadowy theatrical dream where electric turtles fitted with music boxes and rhythm makers, circle you whispering softly 'sleep now, the CD is over.'"