Supersonic Scientists: A Young Person's Guide to Motorpsycho

RCD 2176CD RCD 2176CD

The first-ever Motorpsycho anthology, released in conjunction with a 2015 retrospective exhibition at Rockheim, Norway's national museum of pop and rock music, in the band's hometown of Trondheim. For the first anthology since the band's formation in 1989, there are as many possible track selections as there are fans, and the band's selection for Supersonic Scientists: A Young Person's Guide to Motorpsycho will likely incite much discussion. Roughly containing one song from every studio album proper since 1993 as well as a couple of outsiders, this serves as an excellent introduction to newcomers and latecomers, but should also be of great interest to fans. Helge "Deathprod" Sten has remastered all the tracks from the original masters, and the non-chronological order makes for a natural flow and an intriguing trip through the Motorpsycho universe. This might even help shed new light on the music and make those who know these recordings well evaluate them anew, and perhaps even love them more. If that isn't enough, the anthology includes an up-to-date family tree, made official for the first time. All the songs were written, played, recorded, and produced by various Motorpsychos in various combinations with various other people in various studios at various times (see family tree and/or the original releases for details). In addition to the 15 studio albums these songs are selected from, Motorpsycho have released multiple EPs, live albums, and collaborative albums, and done projects that are as important to the band as the albums this music is taken from.