Disco Deutschland Disco: Disco, Funk & Philly Anthems

MA 068CD MA 068CD

...from Germany 1975-1980. Welcome to Teutonic boogie wonderland, fellow disco citizens. Presenting 18 sparkling disco, funk & Philly anthems from Germany -- recorded between 1975 and 1980. While never appreciated by rock critics, disco is actually one of the few musical genres where German productions had a huge international impact and heavily influenced American and British recordings. It's finally time to get this documented and appreciated. Shying away from the obvious hits, Disco Deutschland Disco digs a bit deeper - with many tracks appearing on CD for the first time. Su Kramer kickstarts our party of German glitterball grooves with the anthemic "You've Got The Power" from 1976, previously only available on 7". There's Marianne Rosenberg's superb Philly-infused "Wieder Zusammen," which is pure mirrorball magic. Alfie Khan Sound Orchestra presents "Illegal Toys," featuring a proto-house riff ripe for sampling. Munich Machine was Giorgio Moroder's studio band that played on countless German disco recordings, and "Get On The Funk Train" is Moroder in excelsis -- featuring all the trademarks of his groundbreaking productions that still sound contemporary today. Germany's most successful disco-venture was Silver Convention, who hit the no. 1 spot in the U.S. charts with "Fly Robin Fly." Their high-octane "Love In A Sleeper" is a long-lost nugget from 1978. Next comes Supermax and Amanda Lear, who both perfectly capture the hedonism and glitz of coke-fueled disco nightlife. Bandleader Ambros Seelos delivers the white-hot, metallic "Gimmi More," featuring early traces of German electro. Soundtrack legend Peter Thomas smokes his way through super-funky "Opium," an irresistible disco monster from start to finish, while James Last scores with "Can't Move No Mountains," a great slice of jazzy disco. And even easy-listening god Berry Lipman went disco once: his steamy "Sex World" is the rare title theme of an X-rated porn flick. The most obscure entry on this compilation is by Schlager-star Christian Anders -- though best known for schmaltzy ballads, he also composed the score to martial arts B-movie Roots Of Evil. His "Running Away" is a killer funk workout with a bad-ass guitar part and a dead-on groove. Disco Deutschland Disco was compiled and annotated by Stefan Kassel who also compiled -- among other things -- the successful The In-Kraut compilations. So put on your platform shoes and boogie down to 100% fat-free dancefloor euphoria from Germany!