Lily Of The Valley


The second Schematic label compilation, following the genre-defining Ischemic Folks. "The Schematic Music Company would like to take you for a little while. Lily of the Valley is, in concept, all about love. All that was presented to it's contributors was to capture their own interpretation of love. From this concept, came ideas, from those ideas came sounds, from those sounds: compositions, and eventually a record. And it is a record, an account, if you will, of several encounters and visitations with the lily of the valley. Please experience this record in any manner you see fit, but know this: It is no longer a concept, it is now a place. Let us take you there. Here is the map: Richard Devine creates a frantic vision of love, taking his listeners to new emotional crevices previously unexplored by the human ear. This song transports you from the field where the Ischemic Folks live to the Valley of the Lily.'Yamuna' takes you to the land of Phoenecia. You will travel everywhere you have been or will be, from Japanese gardens and Egyptian deserts to inner worlds as yet undiscovered. Delarosa and Asora are playing music somewhere in Saigon. There is jazz and there are alleys and voices. Writers are smoking and children are coughing. Are you in love or do you just have an itch? Takeshi Muto (50% of Phoenecia) is beating something and it's love, 'Rotea' -- style. Phoenecia decode a message from Jake Mandell, entitled 'Untitled 27'. Can you guess what it says? Jeswa (50% of Phoenecia) meets Brazilian composer Heitor Villa-Lobos in a dream. Over a glass of purple cognac, Jeswa speaks of the new developments in music since Heitor's death. Filled with new visions of light-emitting diodes and laptop sequence composers, Villa-Lobos directs Jeswa to re-arrange his 'Poema Singelo'. Delarosa and Asora sample skateboards and create Lily's Theme. They have extracted all the love from their 3 recent Schematic EPs and formed a new bieng out of them. It breathes. It is talking to you. Disjecta takes Phoenecia's track 'Monday' out for a romantic walk in the park. They watch the insects and pick those little flowers that weeds make. The flowers have no thorns, and these insects won't bite you. 09 shares with everyone his most incredible 'Seven Milliseconds'. This is Jesse Legg, he wants to touch you. Gliese is in a post-coital haze. All he can manage to mutter is 'Bgah'. Takeshi Muto returns with his transportive 'Muto Love'. It is the lockgroove that will make you move, and then make your mind loop as you come back to earth, or off to sleep...or wherever you return to. Stop. Select Repeat: All. Play. Come again soon. Love, The Schematic Music Company."