Vocals & Versions Vol. 1


"The product of almost a year's work, Senseless Records are proud to present their first CD project; Vocals and Versions Volume One. What started out as an idea for a 12" vocal EP has escalated in to a major project which will now be released on two separate CDs, two vinyl EPs and digital download. The album features 100% original and exclusive dubstep, dancehall, grime, bassline and garage vocals and versions from a kaleidoscopic range of worldwide talent including Warrior Queen, Foreign Beggars, Starkey, YT, MRK1, King Cannibal, Billy Nasty, Jimmy Luv, Kanji Kinetic, Bongo Chilli, Bunnington Judah, Crunc Tesla, Jack Sparrow, Octapush, Bombaman, Rekordah, DeVille, Sarantis, Sasquatch, Ghosttown and more. The tracks started out based round a collective of artists in Leeds, UK, but now includes artists from all over the world including New York, Sao Paolo, Kingston, Lisbon, Martinique and Canada. The albums are based on vocal tracks from the in house Senseless Records producers; Sarantis, DeVille, Sasquatch and Ghosttown in collaboration with the regular Senseless family and new friends from all over the world they've made whilst putting together this project. While they are the first CDs on the label, they're also like a best-of the label to date; there are fresh remixes from Starkey [Planet Mu/LoDubs/Trouble and Bass]and King Cannibal [Ninja Tune] of the label's biggest vocal tracks to date with Warrior Queen, 2004's 'More than Money', and 'Retaliate' respectively. There are also new versions of tracks recorded up to six years ago, including 'Justice Dub,' originally a reggae dub cut by Sarantis to play on The High Pressure Sound System in Leeds featuring their MC, Urban Vox. A diverse set of influences but what unites them is a love of all shades of bass music from the UK and beyond and combining elements of all the genres above in to something fresh. For that reason it's hard to pin down the sound of the CD except to say it's exciting, vital and bursting out of the sleeve with energy and ideas. The CD itself is 100% carbon neutral and comes in a deluxe digipak case made from recycled materials, and features hand drawn artwork from renowned Bristol, UK, graffiti artist Song."