Eskimo Recordings Presents: The Orange Collection 2CD
Don't Think I've Forgotten: Cambodia's Lost Rock and Roll CD
First Chips CD
Zehn CD
College Tour CD
African Gems LP
Blues For Albert Ayler CD
Birdland 1953 3CD
Cave Rock LP
Michigan State University, April 15th 1976 CD
Rutgers University, NJ, April 15th 1969 2CD
Lost Shadows: In Defence of the Soul - Yanomami Shamanism, Songs, Ritual, 1978 2CD
A&R Studios, NYC December 14th 1970 2CD
First Monster Last Monster Always Monster CD
Magnetoception 2LP
Recital LP+CD
Songs from The Falling CD
United Western Recorders Hollywood LA, October 1 1972 CD
Come With Us 2CD
Both/And Club, San Francisco, June 1970 2CD
Spectrum, Philadelphia 23rd May 1988 CD
Ask the Deep CD
Rocks the House LP
Infinity Machines 2CD
Passenger At Night CD
The Agora, Columbus, Ohio, October 17th 1972 2CD
Bottom Line Cabaret 31.3.74 2CD
Congo Guitars 1952 & 1957 LP
Congo Traditional 1952 & 1957 LP
Brez Naslova CD
The Left Hand Path CD
The Sleeper Awakes CD
Die Wilde Jagd CD
Anthropocene CD
Halfway to White Book w/CD
Interstellar Destiny CD
Electric Lady Studio, NYC, June 1975 CD
A Self-Taught, Decathlon Hard Rock Musician CD
Space Exploration CD
Protect Ya Neck 12"
Try Making Love (Al Kent Version)/Dancing (Roger Thornhill Edit) 12"
Half Alive LP
Ananda Shankar and his Music LP
Le Monde Fabuleux Des Yamasuki LP
O Mistério dos Quintais LP
Mother Earth's Plantasia LP
Hated In The Nation LP
Dimension Sculpture 12"
Opens the Seven Gates of Transcendental Consciousness LP
Progressive Percussions LP
Dreptul De A Visa LP
The Faerie Shaman LP