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Livin' On The Open Road: Live At The A&R Recording Studios 1971 CD
Electronic Music From The Seventies And Eighties 3LP
The Test Of Time 2CD
Everybody's Happy Sometimes 2LP
Live At The Record Plant 1973 CD
Tibetan Buddhism Trip CD
Tibetan Buddhism Trip LP
Kudos To The Bomber Jackets LP
Disque La Raye: 60's French West-Indies Boo-Boo-Galoo CD
Mara II CD
Compilation 05 Sampler 2 12"
Roar Groove Meets Dirt Crew Vol. 2 12"
Return Of The Supervinyl LP
Hand Me Down Diapers LP
Izipho Zam (My Gifts) LP
FabricLive 93 CD
Possession Sessions LP
Under Two Worlds 12"
The City That Drowned EP 12"
Chase The Light CD
Greenspan And Taraval LP
The Tide That Moves Me EP 12"
Piano Concerto - Classical Blend/Weihnachtsoratorium LP
Berlin Exercises LP
In Another Land Pt. 1 LP
Rhymes With Water LP
Isbethelo SeGqom 12"
Our Walls 2LP
The Viking of Sixth Avenue 2LP
Sprigs Of Time: 78s From The EMI Archive 2LP
Trinity 12"
Strange Directions 2LP
Zukunftsmusik (Color Vinyl) 2LP
Here Come The Heartaches CD
Drug Dilling EP 12"
Ultrasonic Studios, Long Island, October 15th 1974 LP
Don't Take This The Wrong Way/Peyote Stitch 12"
Diving For Pearls: Jazz Interpretations Of The Pearlfishers Songbook CD
Family Jubilee II Part 1 12"
Family Jubilee II Part 2 12"
Newwave Project CD
The Elephant Clock of Al Jazari LP
Curiosity Shop: A Collection of Rare Aural Antiquities and Objets d'Art: Volume Six 1967-1971 CD
Dustin E Presents... Cornflake Zoo: Episode Nine CD
My Undocumented Alien Clarinet LP
Co-Operation LP
Let's Dance Together LP
Funk With Me LP
Keep It Clean CD
Serie A Compilation 12"
Dance In A Greenwich Farm CD
Raggamuffin Solider 7"
Black Label 12"
Night Is Burning LP
Symphonie Industrielle CD
L'Animale Profondo CD
Tears In My Eyes (1983-1985) CD
Caribbean Audio Odyssey Volume One + Two CD
Lucy / Back To Normal 2CD
Tapes 1 LP
Gannets For Guano EP 12"