S.P.K. Dokument: Recordings 1979-1983 7LP BOX/7"
Lomticks of Time LP
Sex Works Beyond Entanglement LP
Trinity EP 12"
Such Heavy Conviction: Recordings 1981-1983 5LP BOX/7"
The Psychedelic Sounds Of... (180 Gram Vinyl) LP
Jazirat-ul-Arab LP
The Rape of Palestine LP
Afro Sci/Piano Seduction 10"
Burial Tonight/Commercial Bwoy 12"
The Scorched Earth Interpretations 12"
Symbiotik Chunk 12"
Fatal Light Attraction 2LP
The Blues and the Abstract Truth LP
Hand in the Fire 12"
Color Attic 12"
Little Deuce Coupe LP
Obserb Life/Obserbing Dub 7"
Love Is Where You Find It/Version 7"
Modulations EP 12"
Control Drama 12"
Invisible Objects EP 12"
Depatterning 2x12"
Shake It Up/Cosmic Jam 12"
Are You Psychic?/Astral Decoy 12"
The Throne of Blood OST LP
Demons: Original Soundtrack LP
Demons: Original Soundtrack PIC. DISC
Korkenkäfer 10"
Awrythmics 12"
Sisyphean Rage 12"
Saturday Night Fever LP
Psych Funk Sa-Re-Ga! 2LP
A Selection of Diary 5 12"
[Cease & Desist] DIY! Cult Classics from the Post-Punk Era (1978-1982) 2LP
Ploy 12"
He Was A Friend/Try Not I 12"
#385 March 2016 MAG
At Music Inn (Guest Artist: Jimmy Giuffre) LP
Immigrant for Ever LP
Early Experimental Electronic Music 1954-72 2LP
Riot Party II 12"
Attic Demonstration LP