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Levitate (Expanded Edition) 2CD
First Utterance (Remastered Edition) CD
Der Jesuspilz - Live! LP
Voices Fall From The Sky 3CD BOX
Brightbird Remixes 12"
Unathi/Zaharila 7"
Poema LP
Editales Vol. 1 12"
King Size Dub Special: Dubmatix CD
Dream Observer EP 12"
Wanted By The FBI: The Big Break - La Gran Fuga LP
Maghreb United CD
Maghreb United LP
Operation: Doomsday (Fondle 'Em Cover) (Black Vinyl) 2LP
Operation: Doomsday (Metal Face Cover) (Black Vinyl) 2LP
The Lost Scrolls 2: Slum Village Edition LP
NAF 97 EP 12"
Song Of Innocence CD
The Muzappers Mix 2LP
Sunken Foal Stories LP
Tchori Tchori (Brasingles Vol. 1) 12"
Vapor Frames 86/91 LP
The Graveyard Tramps Eat The Forbidden City Dog Food 2x10"
Persian Electronic Music Volume 2 / Sacred Horror In Design LP
Next One's Called LP
Big Bill's Blues LP
Louisiana Hayride Recordings LP