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Jah Children Invasion Vol. 6: Digital Dawn LP
Riding On A High & Windy Day 7"
Can't You See 7"
South African Border 7"
JA To BK: Dancehall From Park Heights 1987-1988 LP
Play Play Girl/Ten To One 12"
You Coulda Beat Me 7"
Catching Wild Pt. 1 12"
Bruno Nicolai For Jess Franco 5CD
Basso Presents: Sitting In Trees LP
Journey Of Mind 2LP
Six Pieces for Solo Violin LP
Beyond Borders of Time LP
Beyond Borders of Time (Color Vinyl) LP
Rosa (Color Vinyl) LP
Speed It Up LP
Codona Live Willisau, Switzerland September 1, 1978 2LP
Soul In The Horn LP
Sad Lovers & Giants LP
WIZZZ! French Psychorama 1967-1970 Volume 3 LP
Disque La Raye: 60's French West-Indies Boo-Boo-Galoo LP
Moris Zekler: Fuzz & Soul Sega from 70's Mauritius LP
Le Futur Ca Marche Pas CD
Music From Hell 2LP
Dear Companion LP
Lie Down in the Light LP
The Age of Aquarius LP
Human Rights & Justice LP
The Plastic Cloud Cassette
Radio Sessions (2016 - 2019) CD
Kifak Inta LP