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Special Night Instrumentals LP
Explanatory Denial 12"
11,666,666,666,666,666,666 LP
The Mulholland Free Clinic 3LP
Raam 006 12"
The Body Move 12"
Rain Forest Music LP
Passages 4x12"
Tabla II Cassette
Sketchbook: March 2015 - March 2016 Cassette
Sliema Sixteen 12"
Psychometric Testing By... LP
Naturae/Make Me Prada/Athina/Syriacid 12"
Hollowed/Weeping Willow/Gallows LP
Sentah 12"
The Golden Ravedays 6 LP
Love, Peace & Happiness LP
Vol. 3: A Child's Guide To Good & Evil LP
Dubbing At Aquarius Studios 1977-1979 LP
Live... The Palladium New York '88 LP
Walking Through Concrete EP (Incl. Aubrey Remix) 12"
Arganol 'N' All 12"
La Planete Bleue Volume 09 CD
The Glitterhouse 2LP + 12"
Rubbish Of The Floodwaters 12"
Live Jamz 2 12"
Never Go Back/That's The Way 12"
Faster Than Light 12"
Her Empty Eyes 2x12"
Ooh What A Life! (Gerd Janson & Shan Edit) 12"
Slow Grind Fever Volume 7 LP
The Mothers Earth Experiment LP
Jon Tabakin LP+CD
Mother Funk 12"
Interform Untunnel 12"
World In Action 12"
I Was Warned About People Like Us 12"
Hope Attrition CD
Hope Attrition LP
Cosmic Doom Ritual LP
Watergate 22 EP #1 12"
Watergate 22 EP #2 12"
Zombi 3 Soundtrack (Special Version/Green Vinyl) LP
Zombi 3 Soundtrack (Classic Version/Red Vinyl) LP
A Time For Us/Mi Mujer 12"