Wanderlust Vol. 1 12"
Wanderlust Vol. 2 12"
Wanderlust Vol. 3 12"
Pregnant/Star Butchers 12"
VHS Stories Part 2 12"
His Pride. No Spear. No Friend 2LP
The Dance of Life 12"
The Burrell Brothers Present: The Nu Groove Years Sampler 12"
To Gravit And Symmet We Rhyth 2x12"
Theories Of Anxiety 12"
Fission Transmission 12"
Antelope Swing EP 12"
This Sick Beat 12"
Frenzy - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack LP
La Dame Et Le Conga EP 12"
Paradox EP 12"
Sisters Of Control 7"
Invocations II (The Obelisk Of TJ // Age Of Apathy Tape) LP
Fourrure Sounds Vol.2 LP
Feelings 12"
Dark Comedy Pt 1 12"
Place On Lafayette (Remixes) 12"
Interlace Jitter 12"
Father Of Folk Blues LP
Midnight Chronicles EP 12"
Splice EP 12"
The Walrus EP 12"/PIC DISC
The All Most Quiet LP
Me Being Who I Am And Things Being As They Are 12"
2015 Brain Chip Odyssey EP 12"
One Summer: Original Score to the 1983 TV Series 7"
Now Wait For Last Year LP
Run for the Shadows EP 12"
For Sepp (Selections from the Edgar Allan Poe Suite) LP
Bidders Must Justify Their Price 12"
Dislocation 12"
Hommage To Africa LP
Aco Dei De Nadrugada LP
Langstrasse Zwischen 12 Und 12 LP
Funky Disco Tracks of Cloud One LP
The Sound Of Being Alive CD
Mondo Alterado CD
Day Of Judgement LP
The Art Of Spectres CD
Humdrum Blues/Sixteen Tons 7"
I wonder if you noticed "I'm sorry" Is such a lovely sound It keeps things from getting worse 2LP
Lixiviation - Ciani/Musica Inc. 1969-1985 CD
Nothing Is Free (w/ Surgeon Remix) 12"
Don't Leave Me Here to Cry/Just for You and I 7"
Fierce For The Night CD
Viscera 1/3 12"
Collect CD
Shadows in Time CD
Weval 2LP
Structures CD
The Three Things You Can Hear LP
Live At The Apollo 1972 2LP
Machines of Desire CD
Heart Beats Slow CD
Only Silence Remains CD
Realization For The Ear + Remixes - Interpretations 2CD
It Ain't Love/Tears Baby 7"
Mr Oracle of Love/Red Lips 7"
Tant De Temps 2LP
Good Luck Universe! LP
The Blueprint EP 12"
There's a Man/Have This World And You 7"
Phonoverse: Electroacoustic Music 3LP
Lost In Time EP 12"
Situaciones/Ciudad de Nadie 7"
Studie I & II, Gesang der Jünglinge, Zyklus für zwei Schlagzeugern LP
Beton-Studie / Zeitmass für fünf Holzbläser / Klavierstuck XI LP
Classics Remastered (1993-1998) 2CD
Heavy Psych Sounds Sampler CD
English Songs Volume 2 7"
Wake Up You! Vol. 2 CD/BOOK
Wake Up You! Vol. 2 2LP
Space Echo: The Mystery Behind The Cosmic Sound Of Cabo Verde Finally Revealed CD
Compilation 04 Sampler 1 12"
Compilation 04 Sampler 2 12"
Symphony No. 1 (Tonal Plexus) 2LP
Voices and Piano LP
Untitled (No7) LP
Turn Off Your Mind 12"
FabricLive 87 CD
Transmission CD