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Never Meant To Be : 1988-1993 2LP
Heart Of The Congos 3LP
Sledge Hammer Dub In The Street Of Jamaica LP
Ghost (Green Vinyl) LP
The World Is Empty, The Heart Is Full LP
Disco Hi-Life LP
...The Dub Album They Didn't Want You to Hear! LP
Pas Encore Mort LP
Mauve Zone LP
Sanctuary Of Desire 2CD
Hip Holland Hip: Modern Jazz In The Netherlands 1950-1970 (Silver Vinyl) 2LP
Five Traces: Geomungo Compositions Vol. III 2CD
Pieces For Sixth-Tone Harmonium 2CD
Backwater Collage CD
Backwater Collage LP
Tell Us (Color Vinyl) LP
Agua Larga: Traditional & Imaginary Cimarron Music LP+CD
Boite Boite 10"
Evohe Begue LP
The Cool Operator 2CD
The Cool Operator 2LP
Togo Soul 2 2LP